Get Your Child on the List!

We currently accept children as young as birth for our wait list. We  maintain lists by age and contact parents every six months to confirm they are still interested.  In February our current families make a commitment/or not and then we add the names from the wait lists for  the next school year rosters. 

Application Process


Commitment Form and Fee

Registration Policies since 2017

  • First priority given to current students, siblings and staff
  • Families who complete the Commitment Form and pay fee have next priority
  • Alumni must complete a Commitment Form to be added to the  Wait list. Fee is waived for alumni families
  • Families of Hixson United Methodist Church also have fee waived
  • Immunizations are required as per the State of Tennessee's schedule. No exemptions except  medical ones with documentation from a medical doctor.


More Commitment Information

  •  Commitment fee is $25 payable with our Pay Online link on the home page. 
  • Commitment Form can be submitted here with the link 
  • Commitment form can also be downloaded, printed and snail mailed to HPUMP 
  • This does not guarantee enrollment at HPUMP. You will be notified immediately when a position opens and will be required to come to school and complete the registration information and then pay the $120 registration fee.
  • If you have not already attended a formal school tour, you are required to do so prior to your child attending school. Tour dates are on our home page.
  • It is your responsibility to contact HPUMP if your email or any contact information changes.


Payments are made over 10 months

Policies and procedures



Doors open at 9:05

The Twinklers, Starshine Friends, Moonbeams,

 and Sunshine Gang 9:15 - 12:15

Rainbow Kids 9:15 - 12:30

Arrival Procedures

Please walk your child in the building each morning. All friends enter the front door. You must sign your child in on the roster in the classroom. The front door is locked at 9:30 and anyone arriving after that time must come to the Ely Road door and ring the bell. 

We make these requests when arriving 

  1.  Do not leave siblings in the car alone
  2. You are invited into the classroom to help your child make the transition from home
  3. Everyone washes hands upon arrival and you are encouraged to help your child with this task.
  4. Please give a quick, cheerful good-bye. We have lots of experience handling separation tears.
  5. Never leave your valuables in the car unlocked


  1. Please enter the building from the front entrance. You will pick up your child from class and sign out. You may depart through the front or the side entrance. 
  2. Any person picking up, other than a parent or guardian must be documented prior to pick up in your child's record in the office.  People other than parent must show a drivers license the first time or until we recognize them.
  3. Always hold your child's hand walking across Highland Way, as cars can come around the corner quickly.


Forward facing car seat- Children age one through three, and weighing more than twenty pounds, must be secured in a child safety seat in a forward facing position in the rear seat area. 


Children age four through eight, and measuring less than four feet nine inches (4.9") in height, must be secured in a belt-positioning booster seat system in the rear area.


Please mark all out clothing and belongings with your child's name. Dress your child comfortably for school in play clothes. We use messy art materials everyday and we are outside everyday. 

  • Sturdy, closed toe shoes are best
  • No necklaces without break away chains are permitted
  • Outerwear is kept on hook outside the classroom
  • Please pack an extra outfit including shoes daily


  • Please notify us if your child has any medical conditions such as allergies or any medication taken regularly
  • We require up to date State of Tennessee immunization records signed by your health care provider. No exemptions except medical are permitted. Medical exemptions must be verified in writing by a medical doctor.
  • Communicable illness- please notify us if your child has a communicable illness such as chicken pox, mumps, strep, etc.. so we may in turn notify other parents.
  • Fever, diarrhea,  vomiting- no child will be allowed to attend if they have had a fever or been vomiting or  had diarrhea in the last 24 hours. You will be asked to come pick up your child if they have any of these symptoms.


  • We no longer follow HCDE in two hour delays or closing for bad weather.
  • Please check your text, Facebook, and email messages for closures.


Physical punishment is not used at school! If there is a problem, we use it as an opportunity to reinforce relationship skills, verbal skills, problem solving skills, and compassion for one's neighbor. If there is a persistent problem, we will work with you on further courses of action to help your child regain control of his/her behavior. Our focus is on positive behavior and strengths, praise and encouragement of appropriate behavior, and redirecting the child's attention to alternative activities.


  • What is the problem?
  • What are the possible solutions? (accept all answers)
  • Are they good or bad choices?
  • What is the best one to try?
  • Let's do it!


Highland Plaza United Methodist Preschool  is committed to providing quality care to every enrolled child and will continue to do so as long as the child's and other children's needs can be met. Modifications in teaching strategies and learning environment will attempted, and we will consult with the family and seek recommendations from appropriate specialists to maximize the potential of the child to benefit from the program. If, after implementing these strategies, the child's current needs cannot be met, or the child is seriously jeopardizing the ability of the other children to benefit from the program, the preschool staff will attempt to identify a more appropriate setting and services, and assist the family in placing their child elsewhere.