atelia art program


We have two highly trained art teachers (Atelieristas)


Within the school the Atelier and the Atelierista fulfill a role different from that of the classroom teacher. The Atelierista offers another perspective on the learning that occurs in the school. Her role as guide can be more active, more creative, and more varied than the regular classroom teachers. Freed from the burden of structure, the Atelierista can go where the children’s ideas go and she can support them to better define their dreams as well as their use of multiple languages to express their understanding of how the world works.

Our children get a rich education in multiple art mediums. Even our youngest students learn to use clay and their projects are fired in our kiln. We believe all children have an artist inside them and it is our job to support them in their creative development


Every week work with an Atelierista!



All students learn to use real artist clay which we fire in our kiln.